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Book Reviews


Johnny O’Brien’s original and consistently exciting novel makes sure that history truly comes alive in an unforgettable way – Nick Tucker, Children’s Book Reviewer for the Independent.

A terrific debut. The characters of Jack Christie and Angus are brilliantly drawn... you’ll visualise the scenes and almost smell them as Jack tries to make sense of his new world. A very satisfying, sometimes shocking, but ultimately uplifting read –

 A thrilling war-time adventure that is a perfect mix of historical fact and fictional adventure... this debut novelist has created a real page-turner - Julia Eccleshare,

History has never been so exciting... Fast-paced and full of action, this is the perfect read for the Playstation generation - Newbooks Magazine.

A suspenseful and entertaining journey... Jack Christie is a very relatable hero... His latest adventure delivers on all counts! -

In simplest terms, it is a hugely enjoyable adventure story. However, there is much more to this story than just another time-travel adventure. Johnny O'Brien has clearly researched the events... and manages to weave his story seamlessly in with the actual events and real-life personalities of the time - 


The best children's novel based on true life events I have read.


A really gripping read . . . Time travel mixed with warfare, what more could a boy want? - Nat Durman, Sunday Express

If you're still wondering, may I say that if ever there was a book to take a chance on, this is it. Expect it to win awards, it's that good.

This is one of the most original stories I have read - for children or adults - and the ingenuity of the story left me very impressed.

The author skilfully fuses historical fact with an exciting narrative which certainly does not disappoint as a thrilling tale. I enjoyed this as an adult, and have no doubt that it will excite readers of all ages - as well as educate! 

Top marks for a great read. 

A fantastic book, my son finished it in a week.

This one will be an award winner.

I loved the look and feel of this book with its bullet-riddled cover, fold out map, timeline and photographs.

This is an amazing book by a clearly talented rising author.


I really enjoyed this book as I'm studying this period of history at school. It helps bring history to life in such an exciting way but you still get a sense of what really happened & what is fiction. It also builds to a great climax - I can't wait for the next one.

Overall, this book rocks (to use the vernacular!)

I can honestly say I haven't had so much fun with a book in years.

I can't recommend in strong enough terms how much I enjoyed this and how heartily I would recommend it to anyone, from the moment I opened the envelope it was delivered in and felt the mock bullet holes in the hardcover I knew I would love this book. For once, disappointment certainly didn't follow.

Johnny's first book is a brilliant read.  The way that he mixes present with past is a great idea. I enjoyed the epic journey jack went through in the book. 

This book is packed with excitement and it's enjoyable to read at the same time. The book has been rated for 9 - 12 year old but I would recommend it to anyone. 

This is great stuff, very original and whilst dealing with a serious subject, it does so in a non-patronising and informative way.

I find this book works on several levels. The storytelling is compelling - the pace kept me engaged - it has something of the mood of the 39 Steps, but brought right into the present day, making it very accessible to a modern young audience. It focuses on the very moment in history that I find fascinating. And I love the production value of the hardback, with its bullet holes and the map and timeline glued into the front and back. It is a great thing to sit and hold and read. 


This book, whilst emulating others of its genre, excels with its accurate historical frame of reference, and will appeal to both genders. I highly recommend this as a read that is impossible to put down!

Well what more can I say other than what a super read this is. Yes, Day of the Assassins is basically a children's book and aimed at this age group. But as an adult I really enjoyed it.

Having got the book for my 12 yr old son who devoured it in a weekend saying how much he enjoyed it, I decided to scan the first few pages myself. Suffice to say I continued and thoroughly enjoyed this well written and entertaining book. It looks good, it moves along nicely with short chapters and a racing story line. First class read and I look forward to the next adventure.

Awesome read. My Dad likes the fact that it has vastly increased my knowledge of WWI. Exciting and unpredictable (in a good way - i.e. you don’t know what will happen next). Looking forward to more adventures for Jack.

I gave this book to my 13 year old son to read. Bearing in mind it takes a miracle to drag him off his XBox this book was the aforesaid miracle... four nights of continual reading and a final comment of "awesome..." Speaks volumes for me as a parent... I'm going to read it myself. 

When I started reading this book, at about 7 pm, I didn't really know that at 4 am I would still be hooked, turning page by page until I reached the last one. I defy anyone not to fall in love with the characters of Jack and Angus. Beautifully crafted and so realistic you can visualise both as your following them on their adventure.

This is a gripping book - tense, suspenseful, exciting, and educational without being didactic. In particular it will appeal strongly to young male fans of Doctor Who, Alex Rider, or war-based video games.  An excellent example of fast-paced storytelling.

What a brilliant concept by the author to combine fiction and fact into a novel that makes a cracking read. This is a superbly written book and not only for children either.


This is a beautifully presented, exciting, well written and educational book that I highly recommend.

This author has created a wonderful book that not only thoroughly entertains the reader with an action packed story line as Jack travels across Europe and becomes involved in events leading to the assassination but also educates; including photographs of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his assassin, plus a Q and A at the back of the book discussing background history and the events which lead to WW1. It also leaves you with the moral question; what would you do if you could change history?